Adam Brand

Handwriting Analyst

Thursday 20th of February 2020

Phone Number: 020 8892 6828

Uses for Handwriting Analysis

What are the benefits of handwriting analysis?

Self Improvement

'How can I ensure that my children develop good hand writing habits?'

Even in the age of technology, handwriting is an important skill. If handwriting is taught correctly, studies show children gain marked advantages.

An analysis of a child's writing can also pinpoint issues relating to inhibitions, defensiveness, integrity, aggression, temper, moodiness, restlessness, and indecisiveness. Counselling on these issues can be started early.

'How can 'good' handwriting help adults?'

If adults practise positive handwriting movements on a regular basis it can benefit them by reducing stress levels, increasing patience, improving decisiveness and increasing tolerance.

The brain initiates and controls the writing movement, forms and spacing, but at the same time the process of handwriting affects the brain.

Discarding negative graphic indicators and replacing them with positive ones can have beneficial effects similar to auto suggestion and meditation.