Adam Brand

Handwriting Analyst

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

Phone Number: 020 8892 6828

About Adam Brand

Professional handwriting analysis in the UK

Adam Brand is a handwriting expert based in London, England, who works for companies concerned with recruitment and for solicitors concerned with signature and handwriting verification.

He has the following qualifications:

Graphology: (Diploma, British Institute of Graphologists)

Business: (MBA, University of Illinois; Diploma, Chartered Institute of Marketing)

Recruitment: (Certificate, Institute of Employment Consultants)

History: (BA/MA Cantab)

He has been the Chairman of the British Institute of Graphologists, and the Chairman of the Association of Qualified Graphologists.

He is a speaker on handwriting topics and has media experience with BBC1 Breakfast News, BBC 2, BBC3, Sky News, Sky Arts, BBC World Service and local radio stations.

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Adam on the Steve Wright Show.

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